Boddum Musikgaard – bienvenu of the classical musician.

The alternative cultural meeting with artists and musicians from all over the country including colleagues from The Royal Theater in Copenhagen.

The Royal Theater, Copenhagen.                                                                Foto Axel Kuhlmann

When we replaced The Royal Theater and Copenhagen with Sydthy and the the Limfiord in 1999 it was due to the magnificent nature of Thy.

!cid_17161ED5-F3EB-45C3-AAE6-722616EE0C1C@homerouterDoverodde Købmandsgaard                                                                   Foto Søren Kaas Claesson

 “…..The Limfiord is a richness of fiords, sounds, islands and forelands. Ridges push up. Meadows lie flat and sappy. The land towards the fiord is covered with hundreds of barrows. From Skibssted Fiord and on to Boddum Doverodde huge hills are stretching up towards Great-Thy…..”   wrote the famoes danish painter Jens Søndergaard in 1942.


Boddum Musikgård                                                                                  Foto Søren Kaas Claesson                                                                  

At that time we allready had found our wonderful homestead with field and meadow right down to the fiord. The pensioner life seamed to be guaranteed! But soon music was needed locally, the violin was shined up again and a hand was given at local demand. Soon it was also obvious that Sydthy is a little short of good halls for acoustic music so after the “do it yourself” method we transferred the hayloft pretty close to an ideal small musichall.

And in march 2012  Boddum Musikgaard celebrated 10 years anniversary with concert / arrangement nr. 25 by presenting the international known ballet-communicator and promotor Erik Aschengreenn in a special arrangement with focus on ballet and dance

With ballet and dance focus

Other Thy music enterprises.

Gods Little Clown, is the new musical fairy tale performance of Boddum Musikgaard. It is the old medieval story about Alfredo the jogler re-created by writer Johannes Moellehave with music and sound by composer FUZZY and video and picture scenes by photographer Poul Ib Henriksen. This touching musical theater is commissioned by Boddum Musikgaard 2011 for touring performances for children and their grown-ups with obvious qualities for later reflection and talks

Jongløren Alfredo  foto: Poul Ib Henriksen

Northatlantic Inspiration.

A broad, high levelled culture festival with focus on the westnordic countries (Faeroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland) and Northwest-Jutland with nearly 40 concerts, exhibitions and other arrangements all the way from the danish composer FUZZY`s grandiose open air event “An efternoon at the Limfiord” to the outstanding icelandic Hamrahlid College Choir and the 25-year jubilee concerttour of the Faeroe Island Symphony Orchestra in Northwest Jutland just to mention a few of the activities, all in co-operation with local cultural institutions and -persons. The festival was originally planned for the summerhalf of 2008 and later extended to 2009.

Færøernes Symfoni Orkester prøver

The Faeroe  Symphony Orchestra rehearsing.

“Stoetteforeningen for Kulturcenter Thy”

Since the very start of the vision for Kulturcenter Thy in 2003 the idea was to create the optimal frames for a powerhouse with room and space for all kinds of cultural development – for amateurs as well as professionals, for the path-breaking international and for the near local activities. In 2006 the Society for Culturecenter Thy was established in connection with a huge festkoncert in Vestervig Church.


Henrik Gramstrup organ, Günther Schmedemann violin, Irene Hasager piano,  Karl Skaarup folkmusician, Gitta-Maria Sjöberg opera soprano and Palle Heichelmann violin celebrating the festconcert.


Two musictheater projeckts in 1985 and 1988 with 22 music students and theater students with new international chambermusic and musictheater in Cirkusgaarden in Ydby the former home of the legendary Cirkus Miehe. Instructors: Conductor Tàmas Vetö, stage instructor Lennart Toft (1985) and Julian Visa (1988) choreographer Anette Amand. Rehearsal in the old cirkus ring of the legendaric Cirkus MieheRehearsing in the old cirkus training ring